Fact Finder

From Internet Court of Lies


A Fact Finder is a Member who has agreed to be hired as a Fact Finder. A Fact Finder is assigned by the Court to a Plaintiff that has paid for his services for a certain number of hours. The Plaintiff may order additional hours for the Fact Finder he has hired for a case.

  • The major resonsibility of a Fact Finder is to research evidence for a Plaintiff in order to adjust Plaintiff claims. The Fact Finder is authorized by the Plaintiff to make changes to the Plaintiff case filing. On a case, a Plaintiff may request his Fact Finder to research a topic or provide an answer to any question.
  • The Fact Finder is not an agent of the Plaintiff that can answer questions without being explicitly directed in a case by the Plaintiff.
  • The Fact Finder will be contacted on his Member page, by Email and/ Text, to look at the Fact Finder Page for the Plaintiff. He must respond as to whether he accepts the role or not within 48 hours of notification.
  • The Fact Finder will only be paid for work and hours posted on the Plaintiff Fact Finder page.
  • The Fact Finder can resign his role at any time but may not add work and hour reporting after resignation.