ICoL-Sales: ICoL Commissioned Sales

From Internet Court of Lies

The Pitch

TruthTokens(tm)  hire people to find and prosecute lies appearing on Digital Media.  With your Membership in the Internet Court of Lies you can monitor what your group does, and you will make any royalties we would pay these plaintiffs if they paid the filing fees for themselves.

Royalties will come from licensing the results of suits that your people successfully bring to the Internet Court of Lies.

While it is true that the court cases themselves happen quickly after filing, deriving royalty income should not be considered short term or low risk. Royalties on content sales will depend on whether our licensing customers choose the verdicts of the court cases that your TruthTrokens support. You are the producer for this content. We direct the court for you and market and sell the content you produced.

Twenty TruthTokens hires up to 20 people on a subject of your choosing.  It is "up to" because one person may choose to file more than one suit for different lies on the subject of your choosing.

To define a subject just fill in "Lies about _________."  Lies are not the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth as justified by the evidence provided by the plaintiffs you hire.  

Between now and October 1, 2020, the TruthTokens are discounted for Charter Members at $25 each with a minimum order of 10 TruthTokens on a subject of your choosing.  After October 1 they wiill be $50 each, and in a year $100 each to better cover the costs of paying for finding and prosecuting lies on a subject.

All we need is your email address that we can verify is you, and your credit card charging information.  All participants in the Internet Court of Lies are anonymous unless they disclose themselves. Including you and the participants your TruthTokens hire.

Basic Deal

We offer a commission of 20% on the yearly ICoL Member Subscription. You have specific obligations.

  1. A sales must be for a minimum of 20 Subscriptions. The yearly subscription is already discounted over the monthly suscription of $50/year. So, a minimum sale is $1,000 which provides a minimum commission of $2,000. On our Home page is the list of benefits of Membership.
  2. Consider your customer. For example, a customer organization with 10,000 people, could easily decide to test LCoL with 200 or even 500 members prepaid. Also, the reason for having more than one membership is to have people who adopt different roles including Plaintiff, Judge, Juror, Clerk, Lawyer, Fact Finder. The more people you have on the tasks, the more relevant your participation in the ICoL will be.
  3. This is available for U.S. Sales only at this time.
  4. You must first register as a Sales person providing a an acceptable account for commissions. This also includes an acceptable 1099 Form since this is contracted work. We expect tasks are more in the range of a hour or two over two weeks, particularly as people become familiar with the tasks. We are generally looking for natural human judgement about fiat lies, not full time experts although bringing your job expertise to the probleem is a plus.
  5. On an Order, you must email us from your Member Email Address with either a text file or a simple spreadsheet CSV file. An example of both that you can fill in are attached below.
  6. The sales order must be emailed to ICoL@liecourt.com with the subject "Volume Sales Order". This mail address is recognized as a Gmail address with all the protection that that implies. We will set up each email address with a login password and instructions on what to do next.

Line 1: Your email address that you used when you registered as a Member. Carriage Return or Line Feed.

Line 2-N: email address, cell phone number (for texting)