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Make the light of truth, shine brighter.
Bring an independent Judge and Jury to the light you can shine.

How do you try a lie in the Internet Court of Lies? Here is an example of the method applied to an interesting class of Coronavirus Lies as a free friends link:

There are over 200 other Articles on Medium using the method of the Internet Court of Lies.

There are lies both bad and good. Great fiction, great song, can be great lies The Day Democracy Died by the Founding Fathers!. Then, there are the lies that should be in the pillory on the community square.

Buy a Plaintiff TruthToken(tm) for the right to file a suit in the Internet Court of Lies. A Truthtoken also gives membership and the opportunity to make money as a Juror or Judge in the court. Make money while intensifying the light you can bring to lies in digital media.

Every day we pick some juicy subject where we are reasonably sure some lies are swimming about on the Internet for you to find and prove. Remember a suit should be simple and can be about a single occurrence but you have to provide evidence that something you find is not true, the whole truth, or contains lies in asserting it is the truth ("nothing but the truth").

Today try lies about coronavirus hazards. Remember lies of omission are lies. Also justifying a lie with a lie is a lie (nothing but the truth!). Dig in!

Already mad about a lie on the Internet or Social Media? Your judge and jury had better be convinced you tell the truth!

The easy and interesting way for Members to file suits is just to look something up where the truth is told. Like Wikipedia!

  1. Check the truth on that subject.
  1. Find a lie on the Internet about that subject.
  1. You now have both the lie, and the evidence it is a lie! You've got a Suit for the Internet Court of Lies!

The Internet Court of Lies lets you file class actions to bring the light of other Plaintiffs to your cause!

Use that subject as your request for a Class Action Suit to attract other people to find other lies on the same subject. As a Member see what other Members can catch!

You can come up with any class action label for the lie you take to court. Basically any subject in Wikipedia is typically a candidate for a class action that people can easily find the public knowledge about subject. If you file a suit to go to a class action the trial can become very big, very fast. And the evidence that exposes the lie that you bring will have a say in the verdict for the entire class of lies, misinformation, and disinformation.

What is the Internet Court of Lies (ICoL)?

It is a private court on the Internet that tries Fiat Lies that have appeared in digital media.

Presentation at Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

Become a Member of ICoL

We are serious about bringing truth to lies in Digital Media.

Member benefits:

  • View all lie, misinformation, or disinformation suits in trial or completed.
  • Play a role in a Court Suit. The three principal roles are:
  1. A Plaintiff files a suit.
  2. A Judge that tries a suit.
  3. A Juror that decides a suit.
  • Publish articles anywhere you want on completed suits.

Plaintiffs identify fiat lies on the Internet and submit suits to ICoL. Judges and Jurors are selected from the Membership by the ICoL and have the opportunity to make money for their efforts. Other paid roles selected by ICoL are Fact Finders and Lawyers paid by the Plaintiff and Clerk paid to assist a Judge.

To become a Member you need to:

  1. Create Login Account.
  2. Buy a $50 Membership.
  3. Opt in or out of any roles you want to play. By default, every new Member is opted in for all roles. Plaintiffs file suits. Judges, Jurors, Clerks, Lawyers, and Fact Finders are randomly assigned to Plaintiff Suits.

See LCoL_Suit_Example_SwCMBHXaq-hvnQjbry-crYNbqSU to See Example Settled Suit

Limited Founding Member Subscription Enrollment is available. Enroll individually, or ask to enroll a group of any size to focus the Court on lies of interest to your organization's commercial, non-profit, or governmental mission.

Manual 1 Edition

See how ICoL will evolve. It will be more than what you see here which is the pure wikitext implementation called the Manual 1 Edition.

ICoL Overview

The goal of ICoL is to identify, judge, and deal with fiat lie on the Internet in social media and any other digital media.

Fiat Lies are lies, misinformation, or disinformation for which dialogue with the suspected liar is not practical for any reason whatsoever.

The Court does not try people. It only tries fiat lies submitted by Plaintiffs. Every participant in the court is by default anonymous.

Fiat and Folk Lie Decision Tree

The Suit requests a Court to convert the Fiat Lie into a Folk lie through human dialogue about the lie.

The Court creates a Settled Record of the Suit that fills in the following decision that assumes the fiat lie is, in fact, a true folk lie about which enforced dialogue is possible:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it the whole truth?
  • Is it nothing but the truth?
  • What is the deceit?
  • Is the deceit intended?
  • What is the motivation behind the lie?
  • What is the social acceptability for the lie?
  • What is a label for the lie needed to make it more socially acceptable? (This includes a modified version of the judgement above if the label is employed as a context for the lie.)

How you work with ICoL in this Edition

The Internet Court of Lies, like most courts, just manages enforced moderated dialogue to resolve truth and lies.

ICoL uses the same code as Wikipedia. If you are logged in as a User (a Member of the Court) and decide to file a Suit, you use your ICoL Suit page with a Globally Unique ID, like LCoL_Suit_Example_SwCMBHXaq-hvnQjbry-crYNbqSU.

You just edit this unique Court issued Suit page with your suit details and evidence. This is just editing in Wikitext into that page. Here is a Youtube video to show how you edit in Wikipedia For evidence you can enter wikitext and you can also upload images the same way you would do in Wikipedia.

Then you submit your prepared suit, by its ID, to be accepted by the Court. A Judge is assigned, and if he accepts your suit, Jurors may be assigned. You, the Judge, and Jurors can now try your case by editing your suit page further. Finally, the Judge will declare your suit settled, and the suit is done.

Unlike any other courts, ICoL adjudication simply results in three useful types of things about Fiat Lies:

  • Settled Suit Pages that any Member of the Court of Lies can read.
  • Updates to public Wikipedia Entries on type of Fiat Lies by social labels that have been identified and described by the courts as providing social acceptance, or unacceptance, of lies.
  • Digital Records of Settled Suits accessible to any licensed social media or digital media organization can obtain. These records are designed for easy evaluation by an organizations individual misinformation and disinformation policies. The organizations may make their own content curation decisions.

The Court is not in the business of making content access decisions, just court settlement decisions about Fiat Lies based on Plaintiff complaints and Court dialogue.

In Suits filed and accepted for Court action, the Plaintiff or ICoL Lawyer in the case, can participate in the dialogue. The Judge enforces docket time and dialogue, and oversee filling out the Settlement. Jurors decide the case. Clerks assist the Judge. Lawyers and Fact Finders are optionally hired by the Plaintiff(s) to assist the Plaintiff(s) in case preparation and adjudication.

All participants in the court must be living human beings that speak the appropriate language fluently. A Plaintiff must be present for every dialogue session held by a Judge. A "Defendant" is simply a counter-plaintiff who files a counter suit against another suit. If two or more Plaintiffs, of any kind (other original suit filers or counter plaintiffs) join their suits, it is called a Class Suit. Any number of Plaintiffs can be members of a Class Suit.

The Court assigns Members wishing to have Court Roles other than Plaintiffs in cases. This assignment is not under control of a case's Plaintiffs. The Court may assign up to three Judges, three Clerks, and fifteen Jurors to a case. Generally speaking, the Court will assign more than one Judge if the Judges are "rookies," and similarly for Clerks. A Presiding Judge to oversee the docket will always be identified if more than one Judge is assigned.

The Internet Court of Lies is meant to create a global community of people who work to provide evidence-based understanding of Fiat Lies and a means by which Social Media and other media can develop their own content curation based on results of the court.

A member not only can play a role in the Court, but any member can also view court cases to see the Fiat Lying reported to the Court and the Adjudications made.

The ICoL is designed to provide a self-sustaining resource for anyone interested in studying lying in the Media and participating in correcting it so that we have an Internet where people can still have their good lies, and control the socially unacceptable ones.

If you want to report lies on digital media, and get results fast, become a member. This is the place to do it.

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How to Get Your Privacy Back, The scientific role of dialogue and social contracts in privacy and lies, first Introduction. Robert Thibadeau, 2018.

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