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A Juror in the Internet Court of Lies is assigned by the Court to cases. Members are by default candidate Jurors although a Member may request not to be considered as a candidate Juror.

  • The principal responsibility of a juror is to give his personal judgement on the findings for a case filed by one or more Plaintiffs. The cases will all be about suspected lies along with evidence presented by the Plaintiff that the suspected lies are in fact lies.
  • All Jurors are asked to provide their judgement as to their individual confidence in the eight components of a lie defined by the Plaintiffs. They may do this at anytime during an Active Case. The Judge may ask Jurors to reconsider after dialogue.
  • All Juror are provided with standard questions they may check off to be answered, and may also ask new questions on the case page. Question answers may lead to new questions but the Judge may provide an answer that ends further questions.
  • A juror must look at the assigned case within 48 hours of receiving the email or text notification of assignment. Generally this is a single Wiki page that has been filed by one or more Plaintiffs.
  • Upon inspection, if the Juror requests to be dismissed by the Judge. This request for dismissal is a form page linked off the case page and asks the Juror to select a reason for the dismissal request.
  • The Judge may also dismiss any Juror notified but not responding, or that ceases to respond to requests for answers to questions by a certain date and time posted on the case.
  • A Juror should expect to check for Judicial requests every day during an Active Session. The length of an Active Session on a case is should typically last a couple of weeks.