Manual 1 Edition

From Internet Court of Lies

The Editions of ICoL out and planned are these:

  • December 2019: Manual 1 Edition. This is a near full implementation of ICoL but as pure Wikitext and manual email for workflow notifications. Plaintiff, Judge, and Juror roles are supported.
  • April 2020: Manual 2 Edition. This edition has better human factors through the use of the Page Forms extensions. It also targets automated workflow through automated email with response links. The Manual 2 Edition is design to scale well to many thousands of participants identifying and dealing with Lies on the Internet. We will also introduce discounted TruthTokenstm tickets that the filing fee for one Plaintiff suit and Membership for a year if the person offering the ticket is not already a member.
  • September 2020: Manual 3 Edition. This edition offers API access to the case logs and verdicts for use by other Internet Providers and AI Training data.

Our objective is to fully try (or "adjudicate") a filed suit to the Internet Court of Lies in two weeks and, with automation, in one or two seconds.

Everyone who is a Member is automatically enrolled to be offered a paid position as a Judge or Juror. When a case is submitted for filing, it is assigned by the court to a judge and the judge may request jurors. The time spent per case for any of these roles should be no more than an hour or two in two weeks except for the Plaintiff role since the Plaintiff has the burden of filing the case.

Anyone can become a Member for $50 for one year membership (starting the First of the Month after you sign up). We need this to have some assurance that everyone has met a first criterion of

  • probably being a human being,
  • interested helping our effort to clean up the Internet of bad lies while still supporting the good lies, and
  • willing to take their roles seriously.

Every Member is by default anonymous except to us because we will be paying you money for your efforts. But, until we start building large class action suits, the money will be small. As the large class action suits develop, and our automation develops, our business model suggests we can provide full employment, out of home offices or regular offices, for thousands of people.

So Please Consider joining right now as a Member for ICoL Manual-1 Edition.

Thank you!