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Your Member Information must be up to date to Participate in Court Activity.

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Member Roles

If you wish to Participate in Court Activity, you can volunteer for paying roles. Payments are paid only to the credit card or bank account you registered. Any Member can accept any role, cannot accept multiple roles on a single case. If a case is placed in a class and a Member finds himself in multiple roles, only one role will continue in Precedence, Highest to Lowest: Lawyer, Fact Finder, Juror, Judge, Clerk. For example, all roles can be replaced by a Lawyer role as agent for another Plaintiff. However, a Member can be a Lawyer for multiple Plaintiffs in a Class, or a Juror for multiple cases in a class, and so forth.

All members are automatically enrolled as Jurors, but if called you will have time to accept being a juror on a case, but you cannot pick your cases.

  • Judge Enrollment by Court Only see Judge Page
  • Juror Enrolled see Juror Page for Instructions
  • Clerk Open Enrollment see Clerk Page for Responsibilities
  • Lawyer Enrollment by Court Only see Lawyer Page
  • Fact Finder Enrollment by Court Only see Fact Finder Page

Member Agreement

I certify that I am a Human Being and Not a Robot. If I lied, fire will rain down on me from the Internet.

If you Participate in Court Activity you agree only to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. If you do not, another Member may file a Fiat lying suit against you and the adjudication can result in blocking your participation in the court according to Court Policies.

You also agree to hold the Court harmless for anything that is written, displayed, or happens in the Court. The Court is used on an AS IS basis.

You also agree to the Copyright provisions of the Court.

The Court is only as good as you make it.

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