From Internet Court of Lies


The Plaintiff shares the sole responsibility of bringing an individual suit to the Internet Court of Lies. As a Member, the Plaintiff can browse existing suits for examples of suits and settlements.

These include:

  • Completing an Individual Suit Page and Updating it as may be requested by the Court
  • Providing Evidence for Claims made by the Plaintiff
  • Being present for dialogue during Dialogue Sessions on the Individual Suit
  • Deciding to join one or more Class Suits with responsibilities assigned by the Court for that Suit
  • The PLaintiff must be aware that he is under oath to provide the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in his complaint. If he does not he may be subject to action on his own deceit in the Court if another Plaintiff can demonstrate Fiat Lying (lying without the opportunity for dialogue). The Court finding of Fiat Lying in a suit can decide to block the Plaintiff from ever filing another suit or participating actively in other roles in the Internet Court of Lies.

Plaintiff Suits

Plaintiff Suits have an "In Preparation Phase" where the Plaintiff has unlimited time to develop a Suit page for Filing with the Court. Once approved as a Suit, the Suit Page becomes an Individual Suit Page. A Judge creates a Docket for the Suit or approves the immediate joining with a Class Suit if requested or approved by the Plaintiff.

The Case Docket will stipulate the date and time when the Active Suit Phase begins and ends with a Settlement. The purpose of the Settlement is to answer the questions about the Fiat Lie. THe Judge may order times for online, live, dialogue sessions to query Plaintiffs in the suit.

A Counter Plaintiff may also file an Individual Suit to enforce dialogue about claims made by the Plaintiff in order to modify the settlement.

Plaintiff Paid Assistance Provided by Court

A plaintiff in a Suit in Preparation or in a Filed Suit may hire a ICoL Lawyer on an hourly rate or an ICoL Fact Finder on a set hourly rate. The Court will charge up-front payment for hours requested hours. ICoL Lawyers and Fact Finders are Court assigned to a specific Case by a specific Plaintiff. A Plaintiff may order a different Lawyer or Fact Finder for a Case at any time. Lawyers and Fact Finders are rated by Plaintiffs and the rating is provided on the Lawyer or Fact Finder's page for their information, unique to a Case.